Ditch your broken system of spreadsheets

Levers helps small marketing teams ideate, prioritise, and track growth experiments. All from one beautiful tool.

Levers experiment card example

A better way to grow

Spreadsheets to track data, Google Docs to write experiments, Monday to prioritise sprints, Jira to ticket issues, Dropbox to save screenshots. Enough.

Organise your growth efforts

From ideation to reporting, prioritisation to sprints, raw data to graphs -- bring all your growth experiment processes together.

Log & prioritise ideas

Keep a healthy backlog of experiment ideas. Prioritise your next impactful tests using their PIE scores.

Run & track experiments

Kick off your experiments by adding them to your sprint. Track progress by collecting data into each experiment card.

Learn & grow faster

Report on the success (and failure) of your experiment. Reflect on your hypothesis and keep experimenting with new iterations.

Build a growth playbook

Document and store every experiment in an organised growth knowledge base. Keep handy access to all your learnings, forever.

Collaborate as a team

Tackle growth as a united front. Bring your entire team under the same board to share knowledge, successes, and failures.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Levers cost?

Levers is free -- for now. While we are in beta, we are not comfortable charging users. Join the beta while it's free!

How do I join Levers?

Create a free account by filling out this form. You'll have immediate access to the platform.

Who is Levers for?

While everyone is welcome to use Levers, we believe this tool is best suited for solo growth marketers or small teams.

Can you help me come up with growth experiments?

Of course! We'd love to advise you and recommend experiments. Reach out to hello@getlevers.io, tell us more about your business, and we'll share some thoughts.

Do you have an open API?

Not yet. This has been brought up by many of our users and is something we're actively working on.

Create a free account

We're still in beta. If you'd like to get your hands on Levers and help us shape the product, join for free today.

What's this all about?

The story behind Levers

Levers was built by two enthusiastic tech entrepreneurs with a passion for SaaS and growth marketing.

The idea for the platform came from necessity. While working on other projects, we grew tired of the messiness of creating, tracking, and reporting on growth experiments.

Ideas were lost. Experiments were launched and forgotten. Collecting data and updating progress was inconsistent. Valuable information was forever lost in the ether.

To make matters worse, we continously added to a never-ending list of third-party apps. Google Docs for this, local spreadsheets for that, flavour-of-the-month project management tool for the other. It was no longer a growth stack. It was a mess.

So, we built Levers; for ourselves first.

As the platform took form, we realised other teams and growth enthusiasts would most likely benefit from it as well.

If our processes were so terrible, surely other people's would be, too? If we were grasping at straws trying to make a terrible patch of 17 tools work together and fail miserably, surely others had a similar experience?

Levers helped refocus our growth efforts. We think it might just be the tool to help yours.